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About us

We’re software engineers. Our technical expertise and methodologies enhance the competitive edge of our clients.

We combine experience, training and an ever present curiosity to building software that meets actual requirements.

Our company and manifesto are inspired by Bushidō (武士道, "the way of the warrior"). We aspire to do right by our team members, respect our clients, and leave elegant software systems that give every client a competitive advantage.

We are conscious that we have the capacity to help others and that our work has the possibility for a positive or negative impact. It’s up to us to guide for the best outcome.

Giving Forward

Software is increasingly complex and things are never built in a vacuum. Standing on the work of those that came before us by using their open-source software and contributions, we can accelerate all aspects of implementation. Conscient of this gift we try to give forward as much as possible, by making contributions to existing projects or open-sourcing our own.


An Internationalisation middleware to help in generating/uploading of translation templates and downloading localised versions.


Pre-commit git hook to help keep code within PHP standards.

What is it like to work here?

We invest in R&D to stay on top of current inovations and practises.

We respect every person’s unique characteristics.

We give back to the software community.

We invest in team building and health.

Work with us!